You've Lost Your Car's Keys - What Now?

It is probably up there with the most distressing things that can happen to a person: your car keys are missing. Usually, you would have a spare set at home, and the problem is sorted. But what happens when you are nowhere near home or have no way of getting there to retrieve the spare set?

Replaced car key

Auto locksmiths

In the event of you losing your car keys, you will need to contact an auto locksmith. We obviously believe that Cheap Car Keys Scotland is the ideal locksmith to help you out. We can replace any car key on site, whether you are at home, at the supermarket or parked on the road. We can even key code from our mobile units.

What will it cost?

Replacing a set of car keys can be a very expensive exercise – especially with the new keys that need to be coded. Cheap Car Keys Scotland offer very competitive pricing and efficient service. Our locksmiths realise that dealing with a lost car key is quite stressful, and the last thing that you need is to also worry about the cost of replacing your car’s key. You can also claim the cost from your car insurance, depending on the level of your cover.

Our friendly locksmiths will help you through this trying time and ensure that you are back on the road in no time at all. Services are available across central Scotland. We’re just a phone call away.