Are You Among Scotland's Twenty-Five Percenters?

Before we started Cheap Car Keys Scotland, we had to seriously assess the demand for our services. It turns out that there is plenty of demand to keep us going. There are enough people dealing with lost or stolen keys to keep our mobile rescue units on the road virtually every day of the week.

How great is the demand? We can't give you exact numbers, but we can say that a 2013 survey of 2,000 car owners conducted by Lloyds Bank Car Insurance showed the just over 25% had lost their car keys at least once. An additional 20% admitted to having had keys stolen. That means 45% of the driving population has had need of the kinds of services we offer.

It doesn't matter whether you live in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Motherwell, Hamilton, Paisley or any of our other service areas, you have a 45% chance of needing replacement keys for your car. You have a 25% chance of needing replacement because you have lost your key.

If you've never had occasion to call Cheap Car Keys Scotland or one of our competitors, consider yourself fortunate. We will be here should you ever need us in the future. With one phone call, we'll be out to help you replace your lost key, get into your locked car to retrieve your key, or produce a replacement fob to get you back on the road. It is what we do day in and day out.