Should You Avoid Locking Your Car in Glasgow?

Admit it. There are some of you who avoid locking your car so that you can guarantee you do not accidentally lock the keys inside. But is that a wise strategy? Should you avoid locking your car, especially in larger cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh, just to avoid having to call Cheap Car Keys Scotland to rescue you?

cars in the parking

The answer is 'no'. Here's why:

1. Thieves Look for Unlocked Cars

Thieves look for unlocked cars first. Leaving your car unlocked in Glasgow or Edinburgh is just inviting someone to take a look inside to steal anything they find valuable.

2. Thieves Can Steal Your Car

If you are avoiding locking your car so that you don't lock your keys inside, what happens that day you actually do leave the key in the ignition? You will have created an open invitation for thieves to not only steal your precious valuables but the car as well.

3. A Locked Car Will Not Bother Us

A locked car will not prevent us from getting in to retrieve your keys. We know how to quickly, efficiently, and safely get into most cars that are locked. Retrieving your keys is relatively simple.

Do not make the mistake of leaving your car unlocked just to prevent locking your keys inside. It is not worth it. In big cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh, an unlocked car is an open invitation to criminals. Even in smaller towns, leaving your car unlocked could create unintended consequences.