When It Comes To Security, The Presidents Car Is A Beast

He is the most powerful, as well as possibly the most divisive man in the world, often facing criticism whenever he takes to twitter or speaks out about certain issues. Yes, a section of the US electorate indeed supports him, but there is little denying wherever American president Donald Trump goes, it is bound to attract attention, if not controversy.

When he visited Britain recently, to attend a NATO summit in Watford, there was mass interest. He flew in aboard his Marine One helicopter and arrived at the country house hotel called The Grove in his incredible, custom-built limo, which is understandably known as The Beast.

A lot has been said about this unbelievable seven-seater Cadillac One, with all the latest mod cons, designed to protect as much as chauffer The President (whatever you may think of him).

The vehicle, resembling a tank, reportedly cost around £1.2 million to build and weighs nine tonnes. The bulletproof windows are comprised of polycarbonate and five layers of glass. The armour-plated doors are eight-inches thick, equal in weight to a Boeing 757.

The bodywork is fashioned from military amour, five inches thick. The interior has reclining seats forged from the finest leather. What’s more, in the event of a chemical or biological attack, the interior is tightly sealed, shielding those insides. The limo also has a direct link-up and satellite phone, keeping the President in constant contact with The Pentagon and Mike Pence, his VP (Vice President) should any crisis arise.

The Beast also comes complete with specially reinforced steel rims and tyres, as well as being equipped with shotguns, assault rifles and tear gas canisters out front.

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Source: Thesun.co.uk