Still Take Steps To Prevent Car Theft In 2020

There are still thieves out there looking to gain possession of your vehicle. Crime does not take a holiday and millions of cars across the UK are at risk of being stolen. Especially after the Home Office says the ratio has risen by around 50% since 2014, and it is still growing.

The first, fundamental measure is to double-check your car is locked properly. It may seem strange, but it is not uncommon for drivers with remote locking systems to hit the clicker, assume it worked and the car door did not actually lock. It could still be vulnerable to theft, so you should ensure the connection was successful, ensuring your vehicle is secure.

Another important tip is to never leave your car unlocked or unattended, even if only stepping out for a second, or running an errand. Where you park your car can also make a difference in preventing car crime. If you have a garage built onto the house, then it recommended you use it, and not park on the street if you can avoid it.

If using a public car park, make sure it meets Park Mark standards, meaning it has passed a police inspection and you park in a well-lit spot. It is also recommended you turn the wheels of your car into the kerb, making it harder for thieves to drive off with it.

There are other precautions you can take these days to get the better of criminals. You could consider buying a steering lock or having your car equipped with a dashcam. It is also becoming commonplace to have etchings of your registration and vehicle ID number on the window. This can dissuade criminals from stealing your car, as it makes it easier to find and harder to sell.

But one of the biggest threats facing motorists today is from so-called `keyless car theft`, often referred to as `relay theft`. Affecting vehicles with keyless entry and ignition systems.

They can be susceptible to criminals using digital devices to intercept the signal from the car key fob, relaying it to the vehicle. Allowing them to unlock, start up the car and drive off with it. Therefore, experts advise you to switch off the fob when not in use. You could maybe buy special bags called Faraday Wallets, containing protective lining, which can block the radio signal from the fob, preventing interception.

Unfortunately, despite the onset of a new decade, we still must keep an eye out for thieves. But, by taking precautions and maintaining car security, we can stay one step ahead of the criminals in 2020.