Car Giants Shut Up Production Across Europe And UK Due To Coronavirus

During the ongoing coronavirus crisis, many businesses are witnessing its devastating effects, and the car industry is no different. This is highlighted by the news many leading car firms are closing their factories across the UK, due to the outbreak.

BMW has a Mini factory in Oxford, plants in Swindon and the West Midlands and builds Rolls Royces in West Sussex. The car firm employs around 8,000 people in this country.

However, before the lockdown came into effect, BMW announced they were stopping manufacture at their sites in Swindon and Oxford for a month. The company stated workers would be paid during the closure, but it was felt they may have to treat the absence as a holiday, accrued or negative overtime which they may have to pay back.

BMW was not the only car giant which suspended operation in the UK. It was revealed Toyota also closed their factories temporarily. The Japanese firm ceased manufacture at its plants in Europe; its engine works in Deeside, on the Welsh-English border, and car factory in Derbyshire. Sites which employ 3,000 workers all in all.

Another Japanese car giant, Honda, also ceased manufacture prior to the national lockdown, where non-essential workers have been told to stay at home.

The coronavirus outbreak has inevitably led to other car companies either reducing or suspending operation in Europe. Ranging from Ford, Volkswagen, and Ferrari to Renault, Fiat Chrysler, and Nissan, amongst many others. Attributed in part to a decrease in sales, and a shortage of available car parts, because of travel restrictions.

We are now facing unprecedented times, which has touched all our lives, whatever we do for a living. No industry or profession is going to be left unscathed and the car trade, like everywhere else, is feeling the impact.