Who Could Have Seen That Coming? Car Catches Fire Before Learner Gets Chance To Drive It

You wait all your life to learn to drive, only for your dreams to literally go up in smoke before you had a chance. This is what happened to poor Stacey Boyd from Dundee, who woke up to find her car had burst into flames in the driveway.

It was hard to believe, but Miss Boyd, a 32-year-old, learner drive, was shocked to find her Kia Xceed burning up, before she even had a chance to drive it.

Stacey had fallen asleep on her sofa, at her home on Strathmore Street, when she was alerted by a neighbour.

The hero next door bashed on her front door at around ten o’clock, waking her up to inform Miss Boyd her brand-new car was on fire. She had to stay indoors and watch through the window as firefighters bravely put out the blaze, which experts attributed to an electrical malfunction.

Heartbreakingly, Stacy had only just bought the vehicle. It had minimal miles on the clock, and she hadn’t even driven it yet. The car was left a total right off, but thankfully no one was hurt in the fire.

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