Will All Cars Be Fitted With Speed Limiters By 2022?

The motoring world is about to witness a new breakthrough in car safety, with the news every new vehicle is due to be equipped with speed limiters. This comes in the wake of MEPs agreeing to proposals to make various systems a requirement.

The latest innovation will see ISA, or intelligent speed assistance systems, utilise GPS as well as road sign recognition, which will ascertain the speed limit in the area. The innovation will also place restrictions on the maximum speed your vehicle can achieve so that it stays inside the limit.

MEPs signed off on the compulsory fitting of ISA systems after it was proposed by the European Transport Safety Council, calling for the installation of speed limiters to become standard.

The ETSC maintains ISA systems could dramatically decrease the number of crashes by over one in four. Preventing in the region of 25,000 fatalities by 2034.

The ETSC advice the system will alert you if you drive over the speed limit, if even for a matter of seconds, through visual and audio warnings, which will continue until you slow down. It is possible to countermand the ISA by putting your foot down on the accelerator, but this can be a potentially dangerous course of action, which may increase your chance of having an accident.

However, the proposal advises speed limiters have a full on/off switch, with the aim, some believe, to make it impossible for drivers to override the system and continue driving over the speed limit.

Ultimately the proposal put forward by the European Transport Safety Council will make it a requirement for every new car sold to be fitted with ISA within three years, by 2022, seen by some as a major step forward in car safety and accident prevention.

Source: inews.co.uk