Buses Coming To A Stop? As Cars On The Road Go Up

It seems the tide may be changing when it comes to the use of public transport in Scotland. According to Scottish Transport Statistics, more and more people are stopping taking the bus and using their cars to get around. Could we be seeing the image of fleets of buses packing the streets be consigned to the history books? What’s more, could the increase in travelling by car bring the argument over a workplace parking tax to the fore? It is certainly a controversial issue already, which is only about to intensify. Now that bus hoping has experienced something of a decline.

Sources say the number of bus trips people took fell by around five million in 2018. Amounting to a drop of one and a half per cent and over 40 million fewer bus trips than 2014, which added up to a decrease of more than 7%. On the other hand, levels of car traffic increased by over 2% in 2018 and raised by an excess of 7% since 2014.

It has been reported that in 2018, there were three million licensed cars in Scotland, which was a new record. A large proportion of households in the country, more than 70%, had a minimum of one car in their garage, with almost 30% having at least two.

Furthermore, the country has seen a rise in traffic levels, where, two years ago, motorists have journeyed in the area of 48 billion vehicle kilometres, which adds up to an increase of 7% in a decade. This has seen a growing trend in the number of people who are getting in their cars and driving.

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