UK New Car Market Experiences Decline In May

Are you keeping a keen eye on how the UK new car market is progressing? Do you have an interest in how many units have been registered and how it reflects on the state of the car industry in this country? If so, you may be somewhat disheartened to learn in the month of May, the new car market witnessed a decline of almost 5%, with over 180,000 registered units. These are the findings of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, otherwise known as the SMMT, an organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting the British motor industry.

Their data has shown the drop in the new car market may be an after effect of ongoing doubt or indecision regarding clean air zones and diesel. Another contributing factor may be the elimination of incentives for plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Many say political uncertainty and instability over various issues such as trade, Europe and Brexit, may have contributed to a dip in sales last month. Reportedly not just restricted to new market cars but has extended to all sales types. These include a 5% drop in private consumer registrations, a 3% decline in fleets and an almost 30% fall in business buyer registrations.

However, at the other end of the spectrum, some dual purpose and executive cars have seen a growth in the number of registrations. May also saw a small rise of 1% in petrol car registrations, while alternatively fuelled vehicles went up by almost 12%.

There was a rise in excess of 30% in the sale of petrol-electric hybrids, which increased to 7,785 units. Battery electric cars also experience an upsurge of over 8% in May. However last month saw a drop in the number of diesel cars being registered, which has continued to fall each month for over two years.

The UK motor industry may be going through a state of transition at the moment. Trends may be changing, and some cars are experiencing a decline. However, you can be sure of one constant, and that is the care and attention you receive from Cheap Car Key Scotland. If you have mislaid your keys, or if they have been lost or stolen, you can always count on us. We will come to your aid any time of year. All you have to do is call.