New Law Says Electric And Hybrid Cars Must Have External Sound Generators

The motoring world has recently seen a change in the law regarding electric car which could have a widespread effect on safety. The 1st of July heralded exciting legislation in the UK, where every new hybrid or electric automobile must legally be fitted with an external sound generator. The safety feature is designed to produce an artificial sound to make EVs more detectable, so they can be heard by passers-by, be it pedestrians or cyclists on their bikes.

This innovation has been brought out to decrease the number of accidents on the roads. It is a safety measure, as, unlike petrol or diesel vehicles, where you can hear the engine approaching, electric cars are often considered hard to make out. They move almost silently, particularly when traveling at low speeds. However, experts have come up with an exciting new precaution, just to be safe; an invention known as an Acoustic Vehicle Alert System, or AVAS

The system, under the mandate of the European Union, operates through speakers placed at the front and back of the car. The vehicle is fitted with sensors, one for speed and one on the accelerator pedal, producing the sounds. They should be constant, with the ability to send warning messages to pedestrians or cyclists, to be certain they know there’s an EV nearby. You can never be too careful.

The AVAS is required to function at speeds of 13 miles per hour, while volume levels should be at a minimum of 56 Decibels and a maximum of 75, comparable to the sound of a diesel or petrol car on the road. The system should also be capable of responding to changes in speed, where the pitch and volume may alter, depending on whether the vehicle is accelerating or slowing down.

The change in the law that hybrid and electric vehicles should be equipped with an external sound generator is seen as a major step forward in road safety. Cheap Car Key Scotland keeps a close eye on the latest advances in the motor industry, especially as it applies to keeping people safe. Our expert team is always on top of the newest breakthroughs in car key replacement services, to maintain your vehicle’s security. So, if you are looking for the most up to date solutions available, you can call on Cheap Car Keys Glasgow, Scotland. We will always be there.