Electric Vehicles May Cost Less Than Petrol Or Diesel Cars By 2030

If you are looking for a good deal on a new car then how about going electric? Choosing a greener, more eco-friendly vehicle may not just help you do your bit for the planet, but it could save you money, according to a new report. Recent research states that by 2030, you could buy an electric vehicle for around half the price of petrol cars.

The report also claims as many motorists may purchase electric cars at the same rate of diesel or petrol versions from five years to a decade.

Based on information gathered by the International Council on Clean Transportation the rise in EVs can be attributed to a decrease in battery prices and how much it costs to run them. This may see the number of electric cars being sold falling in line with petrol and diesel vehicles. If you consider what it costs to own an EV, as well as maintenance, fuel costs and a drop in how much spent in research and development, it could lead to the price of electric cars falling by 50% within six years.

Presently, EVs cost more than petrol or diesel vehicles due to necessary, but prohibitively expensive battery packs. However, breakthroughs in both energy density and cathode chemistry may herald a massive reduction in the cost of battery packs in over ten years.

If you are thinking of buying a lower range electric vehicle then they are expected to be the first to reduce in price, with longer range models following afterwards. Motorists can also expect to see a massive reduction in various indirect costs connected to electric vehicles, from amortised costs and depreciation to development. Those driving electric vehicles with motors using 150kW of power will see a drop in costs by around 2024. Motors using 250kW are anticipated to cost less to buy than petrol or diesel cars by 2025.

This goes to show how these days drivers are noting how advances in technology can have a direct effect on the cost of a vehicle. More and more people may be buying electric cars due to scientific inventions reducing the price. There are many exciting discoveries changing the motoring landscape, and that is increasingly evident in the area of car security. Cheap Car Keys Glasgow, Scotland is always on the front line of the latest innovations, to bring you the best deal.