Solar Powered Service Stations Get Green Light

Do you drive an electric car and have trouble charging up your vehicle? There are plenty of service stations where you can fill up if you need petrol or diesel. It can still be hard to find a place to power your electric car if your battery runs down. However, there is exciting news for eco-friendly motorists in Scotland. It has been announced a series of solar-powered car parks are being set up across the country, as part of a British trial.

The partners in this ground-breaking project encompass the demand response expert Flexitricity, alongside Smart Power Systems, Flexisolar and Turbo Power Systems, amongst others. They are looking at setting up in various locations in the UK. Ranging from park and ride schemes to offices, council buildings, train stations, and airports.

The scheme is being managed by a group of energy experts, receiving millions in financing. Utilising solar panels and battery storage to charge electric cars and buses, the hubs use the latest in V2G or vehicle-to-grid technology. The schemes also let fully charged vehicles send electricity back to the smart grid, which can only benefit energy conservation.

Those running the project believe storing energy in Smart Hubs will increase the number of electrical vehicles being charged, without putting a strain on the national grid.

The demonstrator project will focus on initial adopters of V2G systems, centred on the business world. It will cover half a dozen locations and around 150 V2G ready vehicles. The goal is to proceed with Smart Hubs Demonstrator trials before the end of the year, leading to a possible increase in electric powered cars. Part of the Scottish Government’s drive is to remove diesel and petrol cars from roads by 2040.

Energy experts feel charging electric vehicles at transport hubs and car parks, managing V2G systems and the use of solar PV, will help Scotland achieve its aims for ecological transport.

Solar powered service stations look set to be a major step forward in green motoring across the UK.