The History Of Central Locking.

It is the security feature which is now standard in most cars rolling off the assembly line. It is activated by the gizmo which looks like a mini remote control in your hand where, with the sound of that beep beep, you know your vehicle is safe. But it is hard to imagine there was once a time without central locking and we wonder how we got along.

Central locking, otherwise known as electric door locks or power door locks, allow motorists to lock or unlock the doors of their vehicles all at once through the flick of a switch or pushing a button. But power lock doors were initially a feature of a luxury car designed by Scripps-Booth, a famous American automobile company from Detroit, Michigan, in 1914. However, it would not be for another four decades before power door locks became commonplace when Packard put them in their luxury cars in 1956. They are now included in almost every make and model of car, either as a standard or optional feature.

When they were first introduced, electric door lock systems as the name suggests, only unlocked car
doors, whereas the majority these days unlock the boot or luggage compartment or the fuel filler
cap. A vast proportion of vehicles with power locks allow motorists to open the door with a remote
control key fob via a radio frequency keyless system, but the first fobs were not available until the
early eighties when they were a feature of the Renault Fuego, made in France.

These days, many luxury models unlock widows by pressing the button on the key fob or putting in
the ignition key and holding it in the outside driver’s door lock. It is also commonplace for vehicles to
be equipped with a proximity system which may be activated by a transducer or advanced key if it is
in close proximity to the vehicle.

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