The Most Stolen Cars In The UK

It has been reported the UK has seen a rise in car theft in the past few years. Experts say the number of cars stolen has increased by over 25% and thieves target particular makes and models. So, which cars are high on the list of criminals’ wish list? Which models are popular with thieves and among the most commonly stolen vehicles in the UK?

There is the Audi RS4, the most stolen model Audi in the UK. The newest RS4 is sold as an estate and considered the speediest, most flamboyant version of Audi’s A4 executive car. The family hatchback the Volkswagen Golf is a highly desirable model for thieves, as well as the BMW M3. It is one of the most sought-after types of the BMW 3 Series. Car thieves have also gone after the BMW X5, which was the number one most stolen cars six years in a row from 2009 to 2014, as well as 2016.

If there are another two makes or models which often attract car thieves, it is the Land Rover and the Mercedes. There are three Land Rovers among the list of most stolen cars in Britain. These are the Range Rover, the company’s leading model. Car thieves reportedly seek the Autobiography type, for its luxurious interior and panoramic sunroof.

There is the Land Rover Discovery, a spacious, seven-seater prestige SUV and the Range Rover Sport. A luxurious SUV, known for its comfort and refinement, making it a prime goal for car thieves. It is felt a great many Range Rover Sports were stolen without the use of the owner's keys.

Thieves also target the Mercedes E-Class, widely considered the leading Mercedes on the market. However, the car which has topped the list of most stolen in the UK is the Mercedes C-Class. It is thought to have been the most attractive model for criminals in the past few years. It leads the other makes which have been mentioned, although the prevalence of automobile theft recently has seen an increasing concern for car safety.

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