It's All A Mistake? Could You Be Breaking The Law By Accident?

Whether you are an experienced motorist or have just passed your test, the very suggestion of flaunting the driving laws may be abhorrent to you. You would never dream of exceeding the speed limit or talking on your mobile phone while driving. There would never be the possibility of getting behind the wheel while over the alcohol limit. You know if you engage in such activity you are breaking the law.

However, many motorists may not be aware some acts they considered harmless may actually be illegal.
Do you fall into this category? Is it possible you may have committed a driving offence without even knowing it? Is it the case what you thought was `no big deal` may have violated the traffic laws, and could see you end up in trouble?

For instance, did you know it may be against the law to go to sleep in your car when intoxicated, even if the engine isn’t turned on? You may have come home after a night out and, having got out of the taxi, may struggle to find your house keys and decide to kip in the back of your motor and sleep it off. This may be construed as drunk in charge of a vehicle.

If you are parking your car at night, you should leave your vehicle on the right side of the road, to avoid dazzling other cars with your headlights when entering or leaving your space. This is on top of the fact people will not be able to see your rear light reflectors when you park at night. Some people may not be aware this constitutes a driving offence, which could result in a Penalty Charge Notice. What's more, on the subject of your lights, do you know if you flash your headlights at another driver, to let them pass or just saying thank you, it could constitute an offence if it leads to an accident or a collision?

They often say ignorance of an offence is no excuse, but many motorists may be breaking the law without even realising it. So, if you wish to avoid points on your license, a fine or even worse, you should watch out. You may be flaunting traffic regulations day in day out and not even know it.