Cruel Car Thieves Target Couple in Sheltered Accommodation In Dundee

For most people, there can be nothing more terrifying than the thought of someone breaking into their house. If invading your personal space, or violating the sanctity of your home wasn’t bad enough, what if criminals stole your car in the process? Especially if you depend on your vehicle to get around, but, unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to a couple in Dundee, who had to go through this very nightmare.

A couple in their late 50s, living in a retirement, sheltered housing complex, were the victims of crime when thieves broke into their property in the middle of the night, found the keys to their Hyundai Tuscon, and drove away with it.

Garry Place, comprising of 60 one-bedroom bungalows, has been open since the early 80s, and it is home to Alister Gillon, and his partner Eunice McIntosh, both 58 years old. Miss McIntosh, was staying in a care home at the time of the incident, but Mr Gillon was at home and asleep when the burglars broke in. Miss McIntosh, who has been confined to a wheelchair after her leg was amputated, relies on their car for everyday life, from going shopping or running errands to attending a doctor or hospital appointment.

Mr Gillon had to get up to go to the lavatory when he spotted the window, which is usually left ajar a crack, was all the way open. His front door also bore the hallmarks of attempted forced entry. This was when the victim realised his car, a mobile phone and two purses, were gone.

The vehicle was later located at Camperdown Road in Dundee, where it is believed the thieves may have abandoned it after it ran out of petrol. Mr Gillon and Miss McIntosh have been given a £100 courtesy car while their Hyundai Tuscon is under forensic examination.

This comes within a week of a case of a masked man breaking into a house on Union Terrace in the city at 10.40 in the morning. Mrs Helen Hood, a 61-year-old carer, called out for the man to stop and he stared right at her, before using the keys he’d stolen to get in the family car, a Toyota Yaris and drive away, apparently like a maniac. It transpires the thief had also stolen the keys to the Motability car belonging to her husband Charlie Hood, a 70-year-old disabled retiree.

The police say the two crimes are unconnected, but it is undeniable they have left the victims feeling the turmoil and after-effects of being targeted by cruel, unfeeling car thieves. The kind that can strike in every corner of Scotland, and not just in Dundee. We must be vigilant and alert to defeat car thieves

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