How To Protect Your Cars-Stop The Thieves

One of the most important things on a motorist’s mind these days is car security. Especially as reports say, car crime in the UK is on the rise, with thieves targeting as much the valuables inside the car as the vehicle itself. There have been great advances made in security systems. However, there are steps you can take yourself to protect your car and stop becoming the next victim.

Car thief stealing a car

It may seem obvious, but it is recommended that, when triggering the central locking system, to make sure it has worked. By double checking, you hear the clicking sound when the lock is activated. You should stay by the car and listen closely when hitting the remote button to ensure you hear the click and see the indicators flash, to be certain the car is locked.

You should also keep an eye out, as it is becoming more commonplace for car thieves to use remote locking jammers. They prevent the fob from the central locking system from working, leaving your car unlocked, unprotected and ripe for criminals to steal the contents inside.

Motorists may reduce the chances of someone robbing their car by choosing where they park. It is advised you leave your vehicle in a well-lit area and possibly park under a street lamp, even in daytime. If you are parking outside your home, try to get as close to your residence as you can.

What’s more, if leaving your vehicle unattended, put your personal belongings out of sight. Mobile phones Sat Navs and wallets are among the most common items stolen from cars. Therefore, if you cannot take them with you, maybe place your belongings in the glove compartment, the boot or in the central console`s lidded storage compartment, just to be safe.

These are just a few of the ways motorists can protect their vehicles, defeat the car thieves and turn the tide against crime.