Are You Under Threat From Keyless Theft?

There is a phenomenon on the rise which motorists should be aware of. It has seen an increase in the number of vehicles stolen by what is known as keyless theft. The process is becoming more common and considered an important part of the surge in car crime in parts of the UK. It is the technological advancement criminals are using to “electronically compromise” peoples cars, resulting in theft.

It wouldn’t be difficult for criminals to steal your vehicle through keyless theft. The process, otherwise referred to as relay theft, isn’t too complicated.

Keyless Theft

It generally begins with criminals buying a relay amplifier and relay transmitter from the dark web. The thieves then look for a house with an expensive car in the driveway. They will use the gadgets to determine if the car has keyless entry.

A thief will hang around the vehicle with the transmitter while his associate waves the amplifier over the house. If it can pick up the car keys signal, it amplifies it and sends it to the transmitter, which, in a sense, impersonates the car key. It makes the vehicle believe the actual car key is close by. Allowing criminals to unlock the door, get in the car and make their getaway. They can steal your car in just under a minute without making a sound.

It may seem like there is little you can do to prevent keyless theft, but this is not the case. There are measures you can take to stop your car from being stolen.

These include taking everyday precautions. Ensuring the vehicle is locked and keeping the car keys away from doors and windows. Reducing the chances of someone finding and amplifying your car key’s signal. It is recommended you keep your keys in a metal tin to stop them from being compromised. You can also purchase a pouch with the signal-blocking material, preventing the car key from transmitting its` code.

It is advised you try and switch off the car keys signal, but it is not always easy. Some keys need a double button press to shut off, so you should consult the manual or ask the car dealer. Motorists are also advised to buy security devices like a wheel clamp, steering lock or driveway parking post, to stop criminals driving away with your vehicle even if they compromise the keys.

These are just a few of the ways drivers can outwit the car thieves and prevent them from stealing your vehicle by keyless theft. Remember the modern criminal does not even have to break into your car to steal it, so keep your eyes open.

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