Homeowners In Stockport Watching Out For Car Thieves Breaking Into Houses

If you have been a victim of crime, be it a home invasion or having your vehicle stolen, it can feel like a violation. It can leave an emotional or psychological scar, where you may never feel safe in your home again. You may also feel anger at the thought of someone else driving off with your car and stealing your property.

So, the news a gang of car thieves are breaking into people’s houses to steal their vehicles may feel like the ultimate nightmare, or a worst-case scenario. However, this is exactly what’s happening.

It seems criminal gangs, car thieves in and around the town of Stockport in Greater Manchester, are breaking into the homes of the owners of high-powered vehicles to steal their car keys. An act which has frightening become so commonplace, it is now considered the most prevalent form of burglary in the area.

According to reports, thieves appear to be focusing on particular makes and models, such as Audis, Volkswagens, Range Rovers, Mercedes, BMWs, and Jaguars.

Local police say the crimes seem to be centred on the south side of Stockport, taking in Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme, and Marple.

The Marple and Hazel Grove neighbourhood team, as well as the police, are now counselling homeowners on steps they can take to avoid break-ins and keep their homes and vehicles safe.

For instance, they recommend improving home security by having snap locks fitted and substituting pre-existing locks with what are known as three-star locks, which are widely endorsed by police.

They also advise homeowners fit CCTV and security lights, as well as installing front and back locks on their doors, alongside further measures to protect their property from thieves.

By maintaining home security, residents of the borough of Stockport can also keep their vehicles safe, which may be the key to defeating the car thieves out in force in Greater Manchester.