Banged To Rights Thief Locked In Car He Tried To Steal

Some may call it karma, poetic justice, or just a twist of fate! But a street in Bournemouth was recently the site of a bizarre incident, which highlighted the benefits of modern car security. A thief, who broke into a car, found himself trapped in the very vehicle he was trying to steal from.

The owner of a BMW, parked outside a house on Strouden Road, could not believe his eyes. When he looked out his window he saw Scott Roy Andrew Hunt robbing his car in the middle of the night.

Thief Stuck Inside

However, the crime was foiled almost immediately when the owner, using his electronic car key, activated the deadbolt facility. This prevented Hunt from opening the door, effectively trapping him inside, while the owner called the authorities.

The thief could do nothing but sit tight and wait for the police to arrive, where they found Hunt still in the car. They searched the suspect, who was found to be in possession of a satellite navigation system, stolen from another car earlier.

Hunt was ordered to appear at Poole Magistrates’ Court at the end of March, where he faced charges of theft from a motor vehicle, as well as attempted theft from a motor vehicle.

The defendant, a Bournemouth resident, who it was revealed lives with schizophrenia, admitted to the crimes and was given unconditional bail. He was due to be sentenced at the end of April. However, giving the current lockdown situation, that may not have happened.

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Many car owners are delighted at how, by just using his keys, the owner was able to catch the thief red-handed and prevent him getting away. They are pleased that some of the latest innovations in car security have made it more difficult for thieves to steal their possessions.

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