Car Key Replacement Has Gone Up: Here's Why

As a company specialising in car key replacement in areas across Scotland, including Paisley, Hamilton, and Motherwell, we help people from all walks of life get back on the road after losing their car keys or discovering these have been stolen. We understand the frustration people feel when they realise they will not get away with car key replacement as cheaply as they thought. But the reality is that costs have been going up for the last several years.

This Is Money reported earlier this year on something we have known for quite a while now: the cost of replacement keys is up nearly 30% in just the last four years. Their data comes from a Keycare analysis of 1,482 insurance claims made by customers who misplaced their car keys.

So why have costs risen so much? It is due partly to the introduction of keyless entry systems. Cars with keyless entry systems require a variety of security features, including programmable keys, to ensure their cars are not stolen. The technologically advanced keys that go into these systems are expensive. Then there is the cost of coding keys so that they match the cars they are being issued for.

In short, we are paying for technology. So next time you need car key replacement, please remember that companies like Cheap Car Keys Scotland are not raising prices indiscriminately. We have to charge high enough rates to keep up with the cost of technology – and we don't like it either.