Which Makes Or Models Are Most Vulnerable to Keyless Car Crime?

They may be the most sought-after cars on the market, on the cutting edge of design and technology. Therefore, it is ironic that many bestselling makes may be in danger of being stolen in no time, due to deficiencies in keyless entry systems. You may be amazed at how quickly thieves can gain entry to some cars, especially considering which types of models seem vulnerable.

Keyless entry systems are the widespread popular feature, allowing motorists to unlock their vehicles and start the ignition while having the keys on your person. So, just how long can it take criminals to gain access to vehicles equipped with a keyless entry and start systems?

In order to see how long it may take car thieves to get into a car and drive off in it, a noted industry publication recently carried tests on various makes and models, utilising the exact same technology criminals employ, when stealing a car.

The anti-theft test performed by security experts had some very interesting results. They took note of how long it took to gain entry to the vehicle and if it was possible to drive them away.

For instance; according to the research, it took 10 seconds to steal a DS 3 Crossback Puretech 155 Ultra Prestige. The experts carrying out the tests were also able to steal a Land Rover Discovery Sport TD4 180 HSE, the 2018 model, in half a minute. They could gain entry to a Land Rover Discovery SD6 306 HSE in 20 seconds but were unable to drive it away.

In the course of the anti-theft experiment, the experts could steal a BMW X3 xDriv 20i M Sport 2018 in a minute, but only with the aid of an active smart key. It was also possible to steal an Audi TT RS Roadster using a smart key in 10 seconds.

It is plain to see, just by briefly reviewing the results of the experiment, just how vulnerable to theft your vehicle may be. Leading to heightened calls for a reliable car security system.

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Source: bbc.co.uk