Which Cars Are The Most Reliable?

A recent has just revealed which cars are the most reliable, as well as those considered the least. This year’s JD Power Dependability Survey has just released its findings and it makes for interesting reading? Does the car you drive top the list for reliability, or does it lag behind? You may be surprised to learn that, while mainstream brands have performed, some leading manufacturers may have not fared so well.

The Number One brand for cars between a year and three years old is the French Peugeot. It was ahead of Skoda and Hyundai on the league table of cars with the least amount of faults. However, many premium car manufacturers did not rate as high as you would imagine, with only the Volvo appearing amongst the ten best.

The JD Power survey gathered information from in excess of 11,000 vehicle owners to note how many faults in cars registered from November 2015 to January last year.

The survey notes how many faults or problems cars have had, at a rate of a hundred at a time. A formula used to calculate what is known as its PP100, covering 177 symptoms and eight different categories. In the car industry, the average PP100 score is 119, and the brand with the lowest PP100 was the Peugeot, with 77. This was followed by the Skoda with 88, the Hyundai with 90, and the Nissan and the Suzuki which both scored 94.

However, at the other end of the spectrum, the manufacturer with the worse score was the German BMW, with a PP100 of 181. This was amongst other well-known brands of car such as the Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and Audi which scored a lower PP100 than average.

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