Two-Part Car Key Replacement in Glasgow

Have you ever wondered why car key replacement in Glasgow is so much more complicated than replacing lost house keys? Indeed, you can't go down to your local DIY store and have a new car key made. The reason for this is that modern car keys include built-in security features designed to prevent car theft. Car key replacement in Glasgow, and elsewhere for that matter, is really a two-part procedure.

A modern car key's two security components are as follows:

  • a mechanical feature that unlocks the steering column and engages the ignition; and
  • an encoded computer chip that identifies the inserted key is legitimate.

Your local auto locksmith has to both cut the mechanical feature and programme the coded chip. Furthermore, he has to source replacement keys directly from manufacturers or their authorised suppliers. Finally, replacement keys need to be coded using the car itself. This is why our technicians come to you for car key replacement.

There is a third component involved if your car key also has a fob that goes with it. That fob acts as a remote control to lock and unlock car doors. We can replace both lost and non-working fobs just as we do car keys. If your fob just isn't working, you might want to check the battery before you pay for a complete replacement.

And now you know all about two-part car key replacement in Glasgow. Give us a call should you ever be unfortunate enough to lose your key.