The Most Targeted Areas For Car Crime In The UK

It just goes to show you never can tell. Who would have thought it? A recent survey has identified the safest places in the UK when it comes to car theft, and its results are surprising. It turns out to be the most northern town in Britain one of the few places which have not seen a single car stolen in the past five years.

Reportedly, the safest area for car theft in the United Kingdom is Lerwick in the Scottish Highlands. It is the solitary burgh in the Shetland Islands. It is the third biggest settlement in the Shetlands, as well as the furthermost northern town in the entire UK. It is a beautiful remote part of the world with a population of around 7000, which probably plays a big part in Lerwick being among the safest places for car crime in Britain.

However, on the opposite extreme, the survey has named the ten most targeted areas in the country, where vehicle theft is more common. Topping the unfortunate list is the town of Romford in East London. The administrative centre of the London Borough of Havering, located in Greater London has seen a theft rate of 13.5 cars per 1000. This is just above the town of Ilford, also in East London, which had a theft rate of 13 per 1000. The top ten most targeted areas for car theft in the UK also included East London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Halifax, along with Bromley, Bradford, Stockport, and Southend-on-Sea.

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