The Difference Between Key Cloning and Cutting

When you call us for our auto locksmith service in Edinburgh, Hamilton or any of our other service areas in the central belt of Scotland, we can offer you both key cloning and cutting services. We offer both because the two services are distinctly different. Key cloning can be accomplished as long as we have one copy of your car key to work with. If no key is available, we are forced to cut a new key.

Below is a brief explanation of how the two processes differ. Bear in mind that we are referring to car keys with embedded transponders for electronic security.

Key Cloning

Even with key cloning, we have to physically cut the key to match your car's ignition. But cloning utilises the information from the transponder of your existing key to create a new key. We essentially create an identical key by cloning that information. Because the computer in your car cannot distinguish between the two keys, both can open and start the car.

Key Cutting

We use the term 'cutting' to refer to creating new keys from scratch. The difference here is that we have no transponder data from which we can create a clone. Therefore, we must fully programme the new key before it will work in your car. This is a somewhat complicated and time-consuming process, and we need to have access to the car to do it.

Please call us if you need a new car key. We are always glad to help.