Put Your Keys in The Fridge to Ward Off Thieves

For the first time in 20 years, car crime is on the rise. As the manufacturers of luxury vehicles address one weakness in their latest technology, criminals find new ways around it. Recently, in footage from Essex where two criminals steal a Mercedes from the owner’s driveway, the way that they work with technology to overcome security measures was illustrated clearly.

Put Your Keys in The Fridge to Ward Off Thieves

In many cases, thieves stand close to the vehicle and jam the signal from the fob when the owner is locking the car. The car then remains unlocked and is missing upon the owner's return. Another way thieves steal cars is by ‘hijacking’ the signal and transmitting it to someone else standing close to the car. The signalis sent to the car, which is then successfully stolen.

To prevent thieves from intercepting the signal between your keyless car’s fob and the car, experts advise that you either switch the fob off or put it in the fridge or microwave. The steel surroundings of these appliances will prevent the signal from going through to the car.

It is also important to immediately have your car’s keys reprogrammed if you lose or misplace them so that the missing keys will not work on the car or the ignition anymore. Ask us for a quote if you suspect that your signal has either been copied or when you just need a new set made. We can make and programme your keys safely and securely.