Prince Philip To Give Up Car Keys For Good

The news that Prince Phillip, 97 years old, was recently involved in a car accident has reignited the debate over whether there should be a maximum age limit for people being allowed to drive in the UK.

This follows the events of January 17th, 2019, when the Duke of Edinburgh pulled onto a busy A road, outside the Sandringham estate in Norfolk. He was driving his Land Rover Freelander which crashed into another vehicle and flipped over. The other vehicle involved in the collision was carrying three people, a mother, who was driving, a nine-month-old baby and a passenger, Miss Emma Fairweather, who broke her wrist in the accident. Fortunately, the child was unharmed, but both women had received hospital treatment. The prince has since apologised to the mother, saying he was “deeply sorry.”

The fact remains, the incident inspired something of a public outcry. Especially after Prince Phillip was photographed a few days after the accident riding in a car without a seatbelt.

During the accident, Prince Phillip apparently claimed sunlight got in his eyes, which caused the crash. However, for many, it has still brought to attention the question of whether it is safe, in some cases, for older drivers to be on the roads, or is it unfair and discriminatory to prevent people of a certain age group from driving.

There are reportedly in excess of 4 million drivers over the age of 70 in the UK. However, there are no laws determining at what age a person can stop getting behind a wheel. Nor is there an upper age limit for driving, although motorists who reach 70 must renew their driving licence and every three years thereafter. However, it is also possible for a driver to renew their license online at any time inside 90 days of their 70th birthday, free of charge.

In the end though, ultimately how long a motorist is permitted to drive is reliant on their individual health and ability. If drivers have witnessed a decline in their eye sight, hearing or reaction time, amongst other issues, then they may have to consider hanging up their keys. It is therefore advised you arrange regular check-ups with your GP, to be certain.

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