Gone Green? You Could Have A Green Number Plate On Your Car

How do you know if a vehicle is electric or battery-powered? You will soon be able to tell by looking at the number plate. If it is green, that could soon mean your car’s green too.

The government has announced plans for electric cars to be fitted with special green-coloured number plates. It may seem bizarre, but the funky decoration is part of a new scheme, promoting the use of zero-emission vehicles.

The plan is inspired by an environmental scheme based in Canada, and a consultation is about to be carried out, examining on the proposition. The consultation will ask people's opinion on which vehicles should be a part of the green plate scheme, as both electric and hybrid cards featured in the Canadian version.

If the scheme goes ahead, low polluting cars can be spotted on sight. Motorists with distinctive green license plates, could have special treatment and perks. If you are driving such a vehicle, you may not have to pay for parking and gain entry to clean air zones. All part of a drive (no pun intended) to raise the number of electric cars on the roads.

The government believes the presence of green-coloured number plates will only highlight the increasing popularity of electric cars. They can also show other drivers you have chosen an ecological vehicle. Some motorists may be questioning whether to purchase a green car. Being able to recognise low-emission transportation, and seeing more and more people buying them, may be a deciding factor.

The Department for Transport feels eye-catching green number plates can play a vital role in helping local authorities endorse green motoring, where electric vehicles could use priority and bus lanes, amongst other advantages.

All part of a wider aim to show you how changing to a low emission vehicle could beneficial, both to yourself and the environment.

More and more people are going green, and you could soon show the world by having a green number plate on your car.

Source: Theguardian.com