Flying Cars the Key To Future Transport

Remember the scene in the Bond movie 'The Man With The Golden Gun' when Roger Moore’s 007 is chasing the bad guy, international hit man Francisco Scaramanga, played by Christopher Lee? Bond seems to have the villain cornered, when he inexplicably makes his escape. By getting away in a car which sprouted wings and flew up in the air.

Movie fans were amazed, while some critics called it a classic example of the often long held belief that some Bond films had lost all sense of reality. From invisible vehicles to gondolas driving down a square in Venice, it has all just become a fantasy. The very notion of a flying car was straight out of science fiction. Such a thing could never exist in real life. But roll on 45 years…. tell that to Boeing!!

As incredible as it may seem, the company has recently tested a prototype for a flying car. A one of a kind vehicle which combines a helicopter, drone and aeroplane, designed to break new ground in transport and parcel delivery.

Boeing is reportedly in competition with Airbus SE, alongside other companies, to create compact, self-flying vehicles which can achieve a vertical take-off and land safely, and it has just had its first trial at an airport in Virginia in the US. The 30-foot aircraft, comprised of a helicopter, drone and fixed-wing plane rose a few feet off the ground.

Boeing’s one of a kind aircraft looks set to revolutionise the aerospace trade in the next ten years. The company purchased Aurora Flight Sciences last year to create a convoy of autonomous air vehicles.

The firm is working towards offering two flying cars with the capability of carrying between two and four passengers at a time. There are also plans to achieve a flying car which can haul freight or packages which can lift up to 500 pounds.

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