Car Theft On The Rise While Convictions Fall

There are few things more frustrating and infuriating for a motorist than to have their car stolen. It can be a source of great inconvenience as well as costing a huge amount of money. However, for many people, what is even more important is the feeling their personal space has been violated. It seems the only way they can have closure is to get their car back and see the criminals put behind bars.

However, the unfortunate fact is, according to a recent survey, many victims of crime do not get to see justice done. Reports say many of the biggest police forces in the UK are unable to identify the guilty party in more than 90% of car thefts. This has seen a rise in the rate of vehicles being stolen after the numbers had fallen over the last few years, but it has now increased to its highest point in ten years.

Many attribute the growth in car crime to the widespread use of keyless technology, which thieves employ to circumvent car security systems. There has also been a proliferation of organised crime gangs stealing expensive cars, sometimes to order, and shipping them overseas, which has added to the explosion of vehicles being stolen in the UK.

Unfortunately, despite the police's best efforts, the upsurge in car theft has not been equalled by the ratio of criminal convictions. The most up to date crime figures showed approximately 77% of vehicle theft investigations in the UK resulted in no suspects being identified or convicted.

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